1.B)Her claim has been completely disregarded

2.B) The groundfloor of their cottage was flooded

3.A)Thewoman’s failure to pay her house insurance intime

4.D)Filea lawsuit against the insurance company .

5.C) They disagree about the future of Al technology .

6.D)Lesstime- consuming and focusing on creation

7.C) Digitallife could replace human civilization

8.A)It will be smarter than human beings

9.C)Saveone-ffth of their net monthly income

10.D) Start by doing something small

11.A)A proper mindset

12.A)She found her outfit inappropriate

13.D) To save the trouble of choosing a unique outfit everyday

14.B)It matters alot in jobs involving interactions withothers

15.C)Do whatever is possible to looksmart .

16.B) Their obession with consumption

17.A) Things that we cherish most

18.C) They serve multiple purposes

19.D) Over 10%of the respondents lied about the distancethe drove

20.B) They want to protect their reputation


22.A)Olderpeople’sa version to new music .

23.C) They find all music sounds the same .

24.A) The more you experience something , the better youllappreciate it.

25.D)Teenagers’ emotions are more intense .



This idea of taxing things that are…

26.A. discouraging

27.E. impaired

28.J. instrumental


30.G. incentives

31.M. probably

32.B. dividend


34.H. inherently



Slow Hope

36.[E] Some of today ‘s narratives about the future seem tosuggest that wetoo,likePrometheus, will be saved by a newHercules ,a divine engineer someone who will master-mind, manoeuvre and manipulate our planet .

37.DWeneedan acknowledgement of our present ecologi-cal plight but also a language of pasitivechange, visions ofabetterfuture .

38.[C] Today we can no longer ignore the ecological cursesthat we have released in our search for warmth and com-fort.

39.[K] The unscrupulous (无所忌的)commodificationoffood and the destruction of foodstuffs wil continue to dev-a states oils, livelihoods and ecologies .

40.[D] Acceleration is the signature of our time .

41.[G] This much is clear we need to find ways that help usflatten the hockey-stick curves that reflect our ever-fasterpace of ecological destruction and social acceleration .

42.[A] Our world is full of-mostly untold-star ies of slowhope, driven by the idea that change is possible .

43.[F] Yet,ifwe envisage our salvation to come from a deusexmachina(解围之种), from a divine engineer or a techsolution ist who wll miraculously conjure up a new source ofenergy or another cure-all with revolutionary patency ,wemight be looking in the wrong place .

44[L] We need an acknowledgement of our present eco lagi-cal plight but also a language of positive change , visions ofabetter future .

45.[B] At the beginning of time-so goes the myth-humanssuffered , shivering in the cold and dark until the titan(巨人) Prometheus stole fire from the gods.


46.B) The near impossibility of appreciating art in an age of mass tourism.

47.B) It is quite common to misinterpret artistic works.

48.C) Good management is key to handling large crowds ofvisitors.

49.BItis possible to combine entertainment with apprecia-tion of serious art.

50.C Helpustosee the world from a different perspective.

51.D) It takes no notice of the potential impact on the envi-@ronment.

52.A It has the capacity and the financial resources to do so.

53.D) Farming consumes most of our natural resources.

54.D) Its alleged failure to regulate the industries.

55.B) Endeavor to ensure the sustainable development ofagriculture.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on why students should be encouraged to de?velop effective communication skills. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


Living in an age when competition is becoming increasingly severe, students are generally encouraged to develop effective communication skills. These skills include both the man? agement of body language and facial expressions while students are talking and the pace and emphasis of the speech flow.

The reasons why students should be encouraged to develop effective communication skills mainly lie in the following three respects. First of all, as a student, effective communi?cation skills make our thoughts and ideas more easily under? stood by those around us and our talent would be more likely to been seen by others. Moreover, effective communi?cation skills give us the ability to fulfill tasks more efficiently and solve problems more effectively. Last but not least, knowing the secrets of effectively delivering what we would like to express helps us make more friends.

To conclude, developing effective communication skills can not only render us outstanding easily but also lead us to success undoubtedly. With these skills, we will definitely become the one we have been dreaming to be.


港珠澳大桥(Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge)全长55公里, 是我国一项不同寻常的工程壮举。大桥将三个城市连接起来, 是世界上蟁长的跨海桥梁和隧道系统。大桥将三个城市之间的 旅行时间从3小时缩短到30分钟。这座跨度巨大的钢筋混凝土 大桥充分证明中国有能力建造创纪录的巨型建筑。它将助推区 域一体化,促进经济增长。大桥是中国发展自己的大湾区总体 规划的关键。中国希望将大湾区建成在技术创新和经济繁荣上 能与旧金山、纽约和东京的湾区相媲美的地区。

The 55-kilometre Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is an ex?traordinary engineering. It is the world’ s longest sea-crossing transportation system combining bridges and tunnels, which joins the three cities of Hong Kong Zhuhai and Macao, cutting the travelling time among them from B hours to 30 minutes. The reinforced concrete bridge with huge spans fully not only proves that China has the ability to complete the record-breaking mega-construction, but also will enhance the regional integration and boost the economic growth. It plays a crucial role in the overall plan to develop China* s Great Bay Area, which China intends to turn into one rivaling those of San Francisco, New York and Tokyo in terms of technological innovation and economic prosperity.


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