26: H.integrate

27: B.coincidence

28: A.associated

29: L.recognizable

30: I.maximizes

31: N;stressful

32: K.principal

33: J.natural

34: M.simply

35: symbolizes


Doctor’ s orders:Let children just play

36.H段落第一句Another playtime thief:

37.E段落第一句The trends have been a long time coming.

38.L段落第一句Play may not be a hard sell to kids.

39.G段落第一句Pediatricians aren’t the only ones who have noticed.

40.D段落第一句Play is not silly behavior

41.I 段落第一句 I respectthat parents have busy lives and it’s easy to hand a child an iPhone, ”

42.C段落第一句Theadvice,issuedMonday by the Ameri- can Academy of Pediatrics,

43.K段落第一句Yogman alsoworries aboutthepressures that squeeze playtime for more affluent kids.

44.F段落第一句By 2009,

45.B段落第一句“Thismay seem old-fashioned,but there are skills to be leaned when kids aren’t told what to do,


46-50 (diets)

46: D Attempting to meet society’ s expectation of appear- ance

47: B They have to do with people’ s body weight and shape.

48: C Whether self-perceptionof body image impacts one’ s workplace success.

49: B People are not adversely affected in the workplace by false self-perception of body weight.

50:A Banning discrimination on the bass of employee’ body image.

51-55 (work-life balance)

51.D The concept of work-life balance contributes little to a fulfilling life.

52.A It impacts how we think and behave.

53:C We do meaningful work the contributions to society.

54: B It is dynamic

55:D Strive for a more fulfilling life.





Moutai is China’ s most famous liquor which was selected as the drink for national banquets right before the founding of the People’ s Republic of China.

It is said that the villagers along the Shishui River started to make Moutai 4,000 years ago. In the West Han Dynasty, the people produced Moutai liquor of superior quality, which was paid as the tribute to the emperor. Since the Tang Dy- nasty, this local beverage has been shipped overseas by the marine silk road.

Moutai features mild flavour and unique fragrance, and helps relieve fatigue and achieve tranquility if taken proper- ly, thus winning great popularity among domestic and for- eign consumers.


PART I Writing

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on online dictionaries. You can start your essay with the sentence ”Online dictionaries are becoming increasingly popular” . You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



Online dictionaries are becoming increasingly popular. We can see lots of students consulting different online dictio- naries in their computers or other portable digital devices instead of taking out a very cumbersome book and looking up a certain word in millions of vocabularies. What a fanta- sitic age it is!

The reasons why we enjoy online dictionaries lie in the fol- lowing three respects. To begin with, looking up a word in an online dictionary can save us plenty of time. Further- more, consulting online dictionaries is so convenient for us I that we can effortlessly and rapidly find the exact vocabu- lary we need through just several taps at the keyboard. Be-p sides, online dictionaries can normally be updated timely.

All in all, online dictionaries are one of the greatest inven– tions in the modern world. We can not only enhance our ef- ficiency of aquiring knowledge of words but also promote the widespread use of a language.



26: I normal

27: E definitely

28: D considerable

29:J possibly

30: B argued

31: K proposition


32: N tend

33: C avoid

34: F extreme

35: G inaction


Why are Asian Americans Missing from Our Textbooks?

36.E段落第一句:For decades,activistshave calledfor schools to offer anti-racism or multicultural curricula.

37.B段落第一句:My excitement was short-lived

38.J 段落第一句:Some teachers are finding ways to expose students to Asian-American issues

39.F 段落第一句:Research into what students learnin school has found just how much

40.H段落第一句:Teachers with a multicultural background Or

41.D段落第一句:Our students-Asian,

42.K段落第一句:And,despite setbacks,

42.G段落第一句:Worse,when AsianAmericans do

44.C段落第一句:I finally had the opportunity to learn about.

45.I段落第一句:How race and ethnicity is taught is cru- cial.


46-50 (Paint)

46: A lt uses paint to create anti-pollution images…

47: C Raise public awareness of environmental pollution.

48: B He chose tunnels to do his graffiti art.

49: A lt is simply absurd.

50: D They made it impossible for him to practice his art.

51:51-55 (housework)

51:C It may not turn out to be the best thing to do.

52: A share family responsibilities..

53:B To teach them how to manage money.

54: A They have a natural instinct to help around the

55 : D Accept children’s early bids to help.




今天,茶不仅是一种健康的饮品,而且是中国文化的一个组成部分。越来越多的国际游客一边品茶,一边了解中国文化。 思 Tea has a history of 5,000 years. One legend goes that when Shen Nong was about to drink some boiled water, a few wild tree leaves fell into the kettle and gave off sweet fragrance. He drank a little and found it very refreshing, which led to the discovery of tea.

Since then, tea became popular in China. Tea gardens ap- peared everywhere, tea merchants became rich, and expen- sive and graceful tea set even became a symbol of social status.

Today, tea is not only a healthy drink but also part of the Chinese culture. More and more international tourists begin to understand the Chinese culture as they drink tea.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the use of PowerPoint(PPT) in class. You can start your essay with the sentence “The use of Power?Point is becoming increasingly popular in class” . You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


The use of PowerPoint is becoming increasingly popular in class. We can see many teachers presenting to their studdents necessary teaching materials with the help of Power?Point, which has become the most common subsidiary teaching method throughout the globe.

The reasons why teachers enjoy using PowerPoint while teaching instead of writing on those traditional and old-fashioned blackborads lie in the following three re?spects. To begin with, using PowerPoint to present knowl?edge can save both teachers and students plenty of time in class. Furthermore, teaching through PowerPoint is so con?venient for lecturers that they can effortlessly and rapidly show the knowledge that needs learning through just sever?al taps at the remote-controller. Besides, PowerPoint gener?ally has more storage of information because, theoretically, there is almost no litmit of digital space for this slide show presentation program on computers.

All in all, PowerPoint is one of the greatest inventions in such a digital world. With it, teachers can not only enhance their efficiency of imparting knowledge in class but also promote the enjoyment of modern classes through present?ing more vivid materials.



News Report One

1. A) Ship traffic in the Atlantic.

2. D) They may be affecting the world* s climate.

News Report Two

3. C) To call for a permanent security guard.

4. A) It had already taken strong action.

News Report Three

5. B) The road was blocked.

6. D) A truck hit a barrier and overturned.

7. B) It was a hard task to remove the spilled substance.


Conversation One

8. A) She wanted to save for a new phone.

9. D) They are less aware of the value of their money.

10. B) More non-essential things.

11. C) It may lead to excessive spending.

Conversation Two

12. C) He had a problem with the furniture delivered.

13. B) Describe the furniture he received.

14. A) Correct their mistake.

15. C) She apologized to the man once more.


Passage One

16. B) Tidying up one’ s home.

17. A) Things that make one happy.

18. C) It received an incredibly large number of donated


Passage Two

19. A) Give free meals to the homeless.

20. D) Follow his example.

21. D) Sending him hand-made bags.

Passage Three

22. A) To solve word search puzzles.

23. B) They could no longer concentrate on their task.

24. C) A reduction in the amount of sleep.

25. C) Realize the disruptive effects of technology.





If you travel in Beijing, you must do two things: climbing the Great Wall and tasting Beijing roast duck. The wellknown Beijing roast duck used to be available only in the imperial court, but now is supplied in hundreds of restaurants in the city.

Beijing roast duck originated in the Ming Dynasty 600 years ago, when chefs from all parts of the country were selected to cook for the emperor in the capital. People believed that it’s a great honour to cook in the palace for only those with outstanding cooking skills could be offered the job. In fact, it’s these royal chefs who have gradually perfected the cooking of Beijing roast duck.(综合媒体报道)


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